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Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) – StalinBabu.com – My Personal Blog
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Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

This is a open standard protocol and documented in RFC 3768. It communicates using its own multicast transport via IP protocol 112 to It used master and backup routers. The master router forwards the virtual mac address. The backup router checks to make sure if the master router is active and will take over the virtual MAC if master goes down.


  • Default hello time is 1 second and hold time is 3 seconds
  • Cannot track interface changes but can track IP SLA object groups
  • Default priority value is 100. This can be adjusted and the router with highest priority value will be elected as the master.
  • Virtual MAC address is 0000.5e00.01xx (x is group number)

Configuration Commands

vrrp 1 ip
vrrp 1 priority 105
vrrp 1 timers advertise 5 (advertisement update is send every 5 seconds by master virtual router)
vrrp 1 track 1

show vrrp all
show vrrp brief
show vrrp interface vlan 201
debug vrrp