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Route Maps

It is a serious of match and set statements similar if-then statements in a programming language.

Facts about route maps

  • Used to set special BGP attributes to certain routes (local preference, weight, metric etc)
  • Used for Policy based routing – (example – assign routes specific to application)
  • Used for Route Filtering (like an access list)
  • A route map can have multiple match statements one after other. This means “AND” function is used
  • A route map match statement can be tagged with multiple access list in the same line. This means “OR” function is used

The following are some screen shots with various options:


In above screenshot – route-map TEST1 is created without any permit or deny operation. By default permit with sequence 10 is created. It means match all and permit all.


The above screen shot is list of match options in match statement*


The above is list of options in for set statement*


*Varies depending on IOS versions